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Heart Gold Challenge Mode
Looking to start a playthrough of Heart Gold after I finish with my Solo Mew run of Pokemon Blue, slowly crawling through all the generations of the game until I get current. My idea for Heart Gold is to make it interesting, and I'm looking to crowdsource my playthrough:

Pre-Choose Your Party - Choose six Pokémon before you start the game that you want on your team (or, alternatively, have other people choose for you), and catch them and nothing else (bar necessary HM slaves). Works best when you cannot obtain one or two of them until fairly late in the game, resulting (presumably) in a lack of some types in your team while still spreading the experience among a few Pokémon so that they don't become utterly overleveled. This has the advantage of making you actually end up with a proper, balanced team of six, unlike most of the other Pokémon restrictions - unless your friends decided to pick a poor team for you.

You guys will name every pokemon I encounter at the time of capture, not before. Big Grin

d6 Entropy - Your audience will elect a select few "events" that must occur as determined by either the plot or by audience preference, such as
  • Entering a gym for the first time
  • Entering a new area for the first time
  • Using a Pokemon Center
  • After defeating your rival
  • After catching a new Pokemon
  • etc.

And when these events are triggered, a d6 is rolled to determine a random event, such as:
  • Your lowest level pokemon in your party must be released
  • A pokemon of my choice is "verboten" and must be stashed away in a PC until the next event triggers
  • Accumulate one "bypass" point, allow you to nullify a bad roll on an event roll
  • Throw out the top item in your inventory (You can stash items in the PC to combat this one, but if you're caught and have to toss one, you're boned) If it's a stack of items, like 50 pokeballs, all 50 go.
  • etc
So guys, what kind of adventure do you want me to have? I need positive and negative dice rolls, and a pre-planned party chosen for Heart Gold. Regarding the party, please do some research into the availability of Pokemon and don't stick me with the starter until I get all the way to the end of the game for the other five, also I'll need HM availability to try to spread it out.

I've never played Heart Gold, so your wicked decisions are entirely going to dictate how I enjoy this experience. Big Grin

Edit: More than just me should do this, I can furnish an emulator, ROM, and stream graphics if anyone else wants in.
Anything's a double entendre if you push hard enough. So I gave it to her.
EDIT: Ech, text wall. Large text wall. Sorry 'bout that.

Well, important things to keep in mind:
-This game takes place in two regions, so it's quite long. Six pokemon being spread out across two regions might make things difficult or lopsided.

-A very large number of pokemon don't become available until after you enter the hall of fame for the first time.

-Probably other things

No, but okay. For a team, I could give you a fairly decent team to get you through the first region, or at least the first couple pokemon like:

-Start with Cyndaquil. I'm partial to it, but the second gym is bug type, and there's a steel type one down the line.

-Grab a Geodude from the Dark Cave for the first gym, flying type. He can use Strength and Rock Smash for you, too, and physical tanks like a champ for being so early on.

-Get Eevee from Bill to evolve into Vaporeon soonish. I am highly partial towards Vaporeon, but having a water type can be very useful coming up for the Steel gym's Steelix, and then the surfing after that. You'll need to do some PokeOlympics to get the stone for it early enough, though. I don't know how well that will go on the emulator, actually. That might not work at all.

-Some sort of flying type is needed before the steel gym because you have a fighting gym that then gives you the Fly HM. And you're gonna want to be able to fly back to the mainland. I like Noctowl. For one reason or another, you get an owl that uses psychic powers. Which is both useful and awesome.

Spearow is another pretty good option for a flyer, solid stats and evolves at level 20, and you get a free one for talking to one of the guys in the tunnels between routes at Goldenrod City. And it gets the traded-pokemon experience boost, I think. So as long as you don't do what the guy wants you to, which is to go give the mail that it's holding to his friend elsewhere, you can keep the Spearow for the rest of the game.

-I recommend catching the shiny Red Gyarados, mostly because its Ice Fang won the Elite Four in my first playthrough.

-You can get a free Dratini that can learn ExtremeSpeed after the eighth gym, and Dragonite is a bit beastly.

That's already a full team of six, and it's completely ignoring any pokemon you can get after the first Elite Four victory. Maybe you decide you want to end it there (I wouldn't recommend that, though) Maybe you want to play through Kanto with your team and not get anything new. Hell, you could decide that you want to start from scratch again when you get there and re-raise a new team. That would be a lot of level-grinding, though, I think, so that might not be a good idea as such. If I remember right, the gyms all pretty much pick up where the Elite Four left off, level-wise, but most of the wild pokemon are low-leveled.

As for the challenges, I am personally opposed to releasing pokemon, but that's me. I don't think the idea of discarding the first item of your bag works too well in this version, because you have an actual backpack now, with actual pockets for things, and no item limit (!) and you can sort your bag and stuff. Stashing a pokemon away until the next event trigger could be a pretty challenging ... well, challenge. I like that one. You could always do a sort of Nuzlocke rule thing as an event die option. Like, from now until X point in the future, if a pokemon faints, it can't be revived until you reach that X point. Or, you aren't allowed to use healing items in your next Gym, or you have to go through all the gym trainers and the leader without healing for the next gym.

I'm me.

Yup.  Smile
Okay let's work out the events:

  1. Entering a new area (First time, applies to every cave, route, and city - in caves and towers, every floor)
  2. Entering a gym (First time)
  3. Rival Battles (After completing)
d6 rules:

  1. (Negative roll) Nuzlocke mode on/off (Meaning that if it turns on, a fainted Pokemon will be put in a graveyard box, off means fainted Pokemon can be revived. If all Pokemon faint with Nuzlocke mode on, the game is over. If Nuzlocke mode is turned off they're still dead)
  2. (Negative roll) Evolutions are disallowed until turned back on by a repeat roll. (Either via everstone or cancelling manually, eevees evolution disallowed until turned back on)
  3. (Negative roll) Imprison your lowest (Lowest pokemon goes into a jail box or, if not possible to jail, ignored in party until released by a repeat roll. REROLL if only one Pokemon in your party)
  4. (Positive roll) Bypass Point (Can spend one BP after a roll to invalidate it and continue)
  5. (Positive roll) Expand my list of catchable Pokemon by 1 of my choice, which allows party swapping if beyond 6
  6. (Positive roll) Overrule. Turns off one negative rule restriction of the player's choice. The player may elect to resurrect a deceased pokemon from the Nuzlocke rule, once. In other words, this roll can turn Nuzlocke Rule off, or turn Evolutions back on, or free your jailed Pokemon. Or for a one-time use, you may resurrect one pokemon using this rule. Not once per pokemon, one resurrect per game to bring back a deceased friend. Choose wisely.
My team:
  1. Cyndaquil (Because I rarely play fire) - STARTER
  2. Hoothoot (For flying and psychic later on) - ROUTE 29 - CATCH
  3. Geodude (Shadowblade159's pick) - DARK CAVE - CATCH
  4. Mareep (Because Electric) - ROUTE 32 - CATCH
  5. Hoppip (For grass and status effects) - ROUTE 32 - CATCH
  6. Eevee to Vaporeon (Shadowblade159's pick) - ECRUTEAK (ENCOUNTER BILL) GOLDENROD (COLLECT)
Backups for Expansion of Catch List rolls:
Anything's a double entendre if you push hard enough. So I gave it to her.
Pretty pleased with this interface for the event.

[Image: LP8btLc.png]
Anything's a double entendre if you push hard enough. So I gave it to her.
Oooh, that's nice! I like that. That looks great!

I have GOT to be there for these.

Looking forward to it!

I'm me.

Yup.  Smile
This looks FANTASTIC! Super stoked for it, and might have to participate if I can!

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