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Vampire: The Masquerade humble book bundle
Just thought I would let everyone know if they didn't catch it before, but the current humble book Vampire: The Masquerade rule books. As this is an amazing series and setting for you people that play tabletop RPGs. It is set in a gothic-punk version of the modern world, making it a little more interesting then your typical fantasy games with its more dark and gritty themes. Coming from a more psychological stand point, allowing players to explore the morality and depravity of the human condition. In addition to the table top game it also includes mind's eye theatre, which is a LARP version of the game in the top tier. All in all its a great game and setting I would like to play again as I haven't played since the late 90s so have pretty much forgotten everything and would to rediscover this world again. So if your interested check out the bundle here, as bundles starts from as little as $1 which include the core rule book.
Great find! I haven't played Vampire in over 15 years (YIKES!), but I'm super excited by this. Thanks for sharing!
I played vampire back in the early 90's. I'm waiting for the rest of the OWoD book bundles myself. I liked Werewolf and Mage a lot more since most the vampire gamers in my area were pretentious goth wannabes. yes you are so dark you wear all black and an ankh necklace...

Gimme a Mokole any day of the week over that crap.

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