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Review Riders of Icarus
Do you like MMO's?  

Do you like Pokemans?

Then there are two mmo's you'll probably like.  Riders of Icarus and Dragons Prophet.  Both involve taming creatures to use as mounts and pets.  Both are Free to play games on Steam.  I've played Riders of Icarus more recently and it's been a while since Dragon Prophet so I'll start with Riders.

 In Riders of Icarus (played on the Karas server with Jaarka, Icy, and Rose) a large number of the animal type creatures you fight are tameable as mounts (even some named creatures) and you also get the option through the use of scrolls to turn those mounts into "pets" which behave like pets in most MMO's ever since Everquest.  You'll get a small taste of the flying mounts at the end of the "Tutorial" zone.  You'll lose them on the way to the true starter zone. 

You'll start out with some basic ground critters after the "tutorial" zone with a "how to tame" quest that gets your first "familiar" as they are called that you get to keep, a sparkley Lisa Frank horse. After that quest you will find that the starting area is full of different types of boars and wolves to tame and even a Forest Kangaroo. It's not all about just sneaking up behind them and jumping on though.  In the starter zone there are 3 "named" creatures you can tame that need special requirements met before you can make the attempt and each has a different kind of requirement.  

The controls are ok, but nothing too spectacular to write about.  You can use either "standard" mmo controls of WASD and the number keys for abilities or you can use the "action" controls which are keyboard and mouse.  mouse button 1 is auto attack, right click is what you set to hotbar slot 2.  Moving the mouse moves the camera and space is to jump.  

Of the 5 classes I have played 2, the Rogue and the Berserker.  There are also the Guardian, Priest, and Mage that I have not checked out yet.  They recommend that the melee classes use the action control scheme and priest and mage use the standard controls.  The rogue is the high mobility, high single target damage, low hp/armor class of the game. Several of their abilities are to either move them into or out of melee range with dodges, lunges, and even a hookshot.  as per te norm they do more damage with attacks to the rear and They even have an ability that forces the enemy to turn their back on them for a killshot.
Hopped on this for about a hour or so last night. Quite fun, especially for a F2P MMO! Highly recommend everyone check it out and jump on the Karas server as stated above as I and I'm sure Jaarka, Icy, and Rose will be playing from time to time. Maybe one day we will get a huge multi stream going with it, that would be fun.
I downloaded the game last night, didn't have time to jump in and play yet but I'm hoping to tonight!
(21-07-2016, 16:08)Zorvax Wrote: I downloaded the game last night, didn't have time to jump in and play yet but I'm hoping to tonight!

Oooh! Rose will be home tonight and we were just talking about having a "couples gaming" night together... maybe we could do some Riders with everyone. Would be fun!
I may be on tonight, I'm not sure since we have packing for the weekend to do. One comment... on some of the mounts and weapons here are unessecary glows and sparkles that I wish would go away. i mean, a rank 5 knife on a level 7 rogue shouldn't glow like it's frigging Orcrist, and what do Forest Roo's eat that makes their feet leave fire trails behind them?

Everyone post your character names so everyone can friend you!

I'm Akamaz of course

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