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Evolve Stage 2
I should've clarified, the fxyz channel would be the sixth, just wasn't including it. My fault on that. When I get the chance I'll check how it works.
I am definitely up to play. The game has been quite fun thus far, but would enjoy playing with or against a group so I can improve my skills. I believe you still get the new game currency for custom games, just at a slightly reduced rate or you can't complete challenges.
[Image: Lupine20.png]
I've played a few games in my off time and I'm really enjoying the game. The combat is fast paced and fluid, and the game seems to work really well. It feels like it could take a long time to earn all the characters/monsters but the free rotation is nice.

The streaming idea would be very cool, but as Jaarka said we would have to collaborate and have a 6th person streaming to the stream channel, unless we used multitwitch and our own channels. Something we should work out so we can do it, EVOLVED baby!

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