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Review Victor Vran
Thumbs Up 
I picked up Victor Vran during the steam summer sale and have enjoyed what I have played so far of it.  I owe picking this up to Icy's recommendation on his summer sale recommendation thread and felt I should try to write my first review of a game!

 It plays like a "simpler" Diablo game, when I say simpler I do not mean easier though.  It uses the standard WASD for movement, Space to jump, and shift to dodge/roll.  There are no skill trees.  All of your abilities are based entirely off of your equipment.  

For example, if you equip a shotgun you have your basic attack, an "aimed" shot for higher damage on a cool down that is reset when you kill something (great for clearing rooms of low level monsters that die in one aimed shot) and a cone aoe that gives you a speedboost.  If you have a scythe equipped instead you would have basic melee attacks, a cone aoe stun and a point blank area of effect that does damage over time.  The abilities all seem to fit well with the weapon types.  Hammer abilities are slow and Smashy, lightning guns abilities are variations of ball lightning (so far I have encountered swords, rapiers, hammers, and scythes for melee, and a shotgun and a lightning gun for ranged)

More to come soon folks Wink
Sounds really cool! I'll have to keep an eye on it for the next time it goes on sale.
I own this game! How do i say this without everyone laughing!?! I can't #sadface
"If It Ain't Broke, Fix It Anyway!"
That's our HidYn!
Best reply!

Each of the levels are well planned out open areas many of which have multiple paths you can take. the first of the "real" levels is a large formal garden that butts against the royal crypts. each level has side quests to do on it, some of which are things like "kill x spiders without taking damage" or "kill x without using any potions" and they usually also include at least 1 miniboss. Those levels are kind of like a hub that the story dungeons and some of the side quests are off of. In a later level you defeat an enemy and it drops 1 gold coin the narrator (who frequently will taunt you) says something like "that was dissapointing, after all, you're just in it for te money, fat loot! let me prove this to you, i bet you can't resist following this path. then a path of gold coins appears 1 coin at a time. if you follow the path of coins it takes you to a cave entrance with the voice saying "Wow, i'll be there's all kinds of treasure in there. go on, go in you know you want to." but the cave is all full of monsters, not gold.

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