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Icy's Summer Sale Multiplayer Recommendations
As a community of gamers I feel like our most important asset is generally Multiplayer games. If we all have a lot of the same multiplayer games, we can get together more and have fun as a group. With the Summer Sale here it’s a great opportunity to stock up and get ready to have fun for the rest of the year. I’ve put together a quick list of games we might not all have yet, but could potentially make use of. I tried to keep the prices lower end, since the best part of a sale is obviously low prices. So here were go..

Ten Multiplayer Suggestions
(w/ fxyz potential)

  1. Hero Siege - 4 Players (0.59$ Game - 6.44$ Complete) - Top down multiplayer Rogue-Like, plays like Binding of Isaac had a bullet hell baby with Gauntlet. Fun classes, with frantic levels as you get further into the game.
  2. Mount Your Friends - 4 Player (1.99$) - Balancing on a goat has never been so fun. The name throws people off, or makes them giggle, but at it’s core it’s a very fun and competitive game about out climbing your friends - with swinging penises.
  3. Speed Runners - 4 Players (3.74$) - A fast paced side scroller, where you race your friends across the screen, with a inducement of hate of your friends usually reserved for Mario Party. Good times.
  4. Victor Vran - 4 Players (4.99$) - Action RPG, like Diablo had a baby with ...Gauntlet. Gauntlet gets around, is what I’m trying to say. Weapons dictate your skill set, so you just pick the weapons that suit you best as you play.
  5. Payday 2 - 4 Players (5.00$ Game - 12.50$ GOTY) - If you haven’t played Payday 2 yet, good, you missed a big controversy and the game has just righted itself after a low period. Go rob banks, steal cars or run your own little drug production - with your friends in a safe environment!
  6. Age of Mythology: Extended Edition - 12 Players (5.99$) - Good fun for versus, or setting up a war against the AI players. I like the turtle strategy. WALL EVERYTHING!
  7. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag - 8 Players (7.49$) - This may seem like an odd inclusion, most people play AC games for the Singleplayer experience, but the Multiplayer in Black Flag can be hilariously fun. Highly recommended for stabbing your buddies in the back.
  8. Screencheat - 4 Players (8.24$) - Remember when you used to cheat by watching where your friend was during Goldeneye 007? I know you did it. This is that, but now you HAVE to do it. The results are amazing.
  9. ARK: Survival Evolved -16+ Players(16.49$) - Within our circle there’s already two-three private servers. Build a shelter, tame giant creatures, and survive harsh conditions. Lots of fun, and the dev team actually seems to be striving to make it even better with constant updates and communication.
  10. Grand Theft Auto V - 16 Players (35.99$) We all know GTA. GTA Online is a good extension of the game, and has lots of options for having fun as a group. From racing, heists, objective missions, deathmatches, and just goofing around.. It’s the highest price tag here, but worth it.

Multiplayer Special Mentions
 (The “Should Go Without Saying” Section), if you don’t have them you should they’re great for multiplayer and we’ve done them a lot already. Most people will be willing to play these.

Multiplayer Deals Off of Steam

Humble Bundle: Sonic 25th Anniversary (10$+ Bracket) - Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed (8 Players) is available for 9.99$ on Steam right now with the sale, or you can buy it alongside most of the other Sonic PC releases in this Humble Bundle. Choice is obvious between the two, and All-Stars is a good kart racer to round people up for on PC. The PC version of this game even gets PC Exclusive characters, including a TF2 themed kart.

Free to Play
(That you should have!)

  1. Smite (FREE$)
This section is just to tell you to download Smite. This is a bias section as Smite is my MOBA game of choice, and I only threw it in here to interest more of you. It’s the third person style MOBA, plays different than the top downs and I feel like it’s more fun with friends. It’s free to play, and the god pack IS on sale right now (20.09$) if you do happen to enjoy it. I’ll play with you even if you suck at it.

Well I hope I've suggested some interesting games maybe some of us didn't have, and look forward to playing with any and all of you whenever I'm around and you'd like to. Feel free to make suggestions about any hidden multiplayer gems everyone should be checking into!
[Image: fraggedicy_zpshrragtol.jpg]
Love the list, full of AMAZING games! I think I'm only missing Victor Vran from the entirety of your suggestions, so I think I'm doing pretty good!
How is Castle Crashers not on this list? I demand a redo!
[Image: Lupine20.png]
i think he just assumed that anyone who knows anything already HAD castle crashers Smile

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