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Oculus not so competition friendly after all
So I was reading my normal news sites and came across a link to this [clicky 1] [clicky 2], basically oculus have gone back on there word about encouraging an open VR space. The new changes to the oculus store DRM basically mean, you have to use the rift or you can't play the games. These new changes are meant to prevent "piracy" but what they do is prevent compatibility layers such as Revive and OpenVR working, yet still allowing basically unlimited piracy of content for oculus hardware. Reading this marks a sad day for VR as a company that once pioneered the way as being a beacon of hope and openness for VR, is now fragmenting it. For such a new platform like VR there needs to be multiple hardware like with gpus, but a common language between them all to promote change and innovation;  not closed bubbles that hamper growth in such a fledgling market. Sad

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