Poll: Is an Overwatch stream a good idea?
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Pfft don't be daft!
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Ello ladies and gents, I had myself an idea the other day after watching the Overwatch beta.  Idea

Perhaps to those interested in that genre a stream of a few fun rounds might be interesting to do, get people involved, bit of teamwork all in good fun!

Have a think about it, sound off below! Cool
TJ Cool
Definitely plan to do that mate!

Got the game ordered ready!

See you on the field!
"If It Ain't Broke, Fix It Anyway!"

A little video to get everyone up to speed on overwatch, it's well worth a watch if you played the open beta or not.
I'm interested, but i need it to go down in price a bit first.


It has a cool highlight feature in-game, put some together myself quickly but i love it haha.

HidYn defo see you there mate!
TJ Cool
Seems sodium levels seem a little high when it comes to this hero, here's a guide to countering him.

[Image: 71f.png]
I personally play this almost every night. Its a great game to get into if you haven't at all.

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