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[Spoilers] Star Wars Rebels S2E21 Discussion
Star Wars Rebels S2E21: Twilight of the Apprentice
[Image: latest?cb=20160116015701]

Well, then. We've finally reached the end of Season 2, and there was certainly a lot to take in! They managed the hit all of the right notes, while simultaneously leaving a lot for us to speculate on over the summer. 

My personal thoughts on the episode:

  • Darth Maul (fanboy squee!)
  • Ahsoka vs Vader (double-squee!)
  • Malachor (and the mysterious holocron voice... Darth Traya/female Revan anyone?!)
[Image: star-wars-rebels-twilight-of-the-apprent...aul-01.jpg]
  • Cop-out ending to the showdown (ambiguous, really?!)
  • Quick Maul exit (I understand that they needed to showcase the other fight, but dang... what's with Maul and falling down things?!)
What where some of your favorite parts? What did you love, what did you hate, what sort of speculations do you have for the show going forward?
I am a sad panda with Nibs apparent death, as she was my favorite Clone Wars character. Having it be Vader that did it was perfect though. I did have one question that I must have missed something on... since when can inquisitors use their lightsabers as helicopters? with this eposode ending and Ezra it looks like we may be closer to Benecio Del toro being Ezra in epi 8. I thought it was funny when Ezra told Maul to call him Jabba. I pictured Maul talking to himself saying "i've met Jabba and you ain't no fat slug mobster kid"
Well, they left it really ambiguous on purpose, I'd guess. If they decide they have more stories to tell with Ahsoka, then the door is open that Vader maybe let her live or there was a stalemate of sorts with the weapon going off/ruins crumbling/whatever. Rebels isn't about her, though, so I totally get that they wanted to end that stuff and let the new characters continue on without the Clone Wars main character stealing the spotlight.

The 'copter saber thing was pretty ridiculous, but whatever. At least they used it in a funny way to let the one guy die. Big Grin

I completely agree about Ezra at the end. A lot of people have been speculating that Ezra could be the character that Del Toro is playing, and they certainly didn't do anything to sway that thinking. What if he eventually does become Maul's apprentice? Oooooh, what if Maul founds the Knights of Ren?! The cool thing with the Knights of Ren is that they change their names, sorta like the Sith... so even if Del Toro's character has a different name and isn't blatantly linked to be Ezra in Episode 8, it's still possible that it's a delayed reveal.

The "Call me Jabba" thing was actually a callback! Not sure if you saw it, but there was an episode where Ezra was working with Hondo Onaka from the Clone Wars show (I love that dude, such a pirate!) and he went by Jabba with him for a bit. I liked it!
I loved the finale, although the partial image of Ashoka disappearing deeper into the temple at the end was a weepy one for me.

Other bits, I would so love the Holocron's voice to be Treya's her academy was on Malachor after all, although whether this was Malachor V from KotOR is up for debate, it looked to be in to good a shape after what Revan did to that place. If anyone has played SWTOR recently it looked more like what Vitiate did to Zoist was done on that planet, either way, not nice.

Vader is going to need to train up some new Inquisitors too, what with the Grand Inquistitor biting the dust and now three more of them suffering from tragic stabbing and saber-copter accidents. My theory for the Inquisitors is that they become the Knights of Ren, worshiping their fallen master after he dies and passing that onto Kylo eventually.

There is also a rumour that season 3 will be the last one by the way, so it may be one hell of a ride. They have said there will be another animated show to take its place, but bad times could be ahead for the crew of the Ghost.

By far my favourite things in Rebels so far though, all the stuff they have dropped firmly into canon now, like the Old Republic style Hammerhead cruisers, Malachor, Inquisitors and the old toy troop carriers. The guy in charge is obviously a fan and I really hope they keep him around for more shows, if s3 is the last for Rebels.

Oh and if you had missed it, Ashoka is getting a book, pre-Rebels, post the rise of the Empire.

Rambling off,

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