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So @SilentChain and I had a blast on Battleborn last night.

First 3 online matches we sucked pretty hard. We got destroyed.

Then I had a match where we steamrolled the other team.

Then we had a match where we were 300 - 0 down and somehow managed to come back and win 472 - 500. It was amazing.

Love it.
"If It Ain't Broke, Fix It Anyway!"
I haven't really had fun in a shooter properly in ages as now there all fairly bland lately. With this one offering a nice new twist on a genre that is somewhat stale now, offering elements that I really like such as competitiveness, good story telling, nice feeling shooting mechanics and good performance.
Invite me the next time you guys play!
Cant find people in matchmaking, i hope they fix it. the game is absolutely amazing though.
@Akamaz and I have been enjoying it as well! I'm hoping we can all hook up and play this weekend. Heck, sounds like we may be the only ones streaming it if we choose to!
If you don't have Battleborn yet this is a good time to get it since it's apart of the most recent Humble bundle out right now. Last I checked it was about $16 to get Battleborn with the other Gearbox titles.
Great looking out, Hydro! I still think the game is really fun, and the co-op story modes are great. Even if you never touch the VS stuff, it's worth it for that price.

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