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Fragmentation: Or, we need to be united before we can branch
I'm just going to drop an idle comment here for feedback.

We now have two voice chat servers and we're splitting our normal userbase between them. I haven't found a post about Discord, but several of us former Mumblers are in it, and I've checked a few times before staking this claim, when we're in one I don't see you guys in the other.

I think we should stick with one voice chat service for sure, to unite the community before dividing it. Or at the very least, giving people more information.

I feel Discord is significantly easier and superior, allowing me to do the number one thing Mumble will not: ADJUST SOMEONE'S PERSONAL VOLUME. Aside from that, it integrates to tell me what game you're playing, I assume though a Steam API.

If this community is going to grow, we need to collect ourselves in one place and grow the brand, so to speak. I haven't moved far past logo design for this reason: I don't know where we're going or what we want as a group. We need a singular point of focus, grow the community, and then begin to branch out.

TL;DR: More hivemind plz
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I tend to agree with you. I think that if we pick one to go with, it'll help unify the group.

I'm favoring Discord right now, partially because it's new and shiny, but mostly because I'm loving the features and the ability to stay "plugged in" on the go with the mobile app.
I prefer Mumble myself but that's only because it's totally free and open source I'm interested to see how Discord is when they start to need money. I am however totally happy to use either so whatever you guys want =)

Jaarka if you want to go ahead and make a Discord post that would be cool =)
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(02-05-2016, 19:38)HidYn Wrote: I prefer Mumble myself but that's only because it's totally free and open source I'm interested to see how Discord is when they start to need money.

I don't think they are going to have a problem. They were founded on the idea of discord being 100% free and being the best at what they do. Now, there are some problems that you will run into, but overall it is the best VOIP program I have used. They have people partnering so they could help make discord a big thing.
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I totally get that Smile

I'm happy to go where my friends go.

Still I like control and I don't get that with Discord.

It's certainly better than Team Speak but Mumble still pips it with codec quality, settings and security.

I don't need the separate chat features they're just bloat to me.

Having said that if Discord bring in Sub Channels and 2 factor auth and allow me to switch to a proper compact mode where it is don't need the chat etc. I'd have no complaints.

Discord guys are the people behind OpenFeint I used to use that back in the day on Android.

Hopefully they keep improving Discord Smile
"If It Ain't Broke, Fix It Anyway!"
They have subchannels. the only thing that is generally global is the text chat, which you don't have to use. You can close the client, and it will be in the hidden icons running in the background.. they even have overlays for each game that you have installed. you just have to go into settings and poke around to get used to it.
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I'll have to play with it tonight to experiment with sub channels. I think HidYn means nested channels, as we already have several sub channels. I also haven't tried the overlay yet... any good?
I have dual screens so I don't really need it.
[Image: Lupine20.png]
I to have multiple monitors (5 in total) and when discord is open if I want the chat window legible I have to dedicate a whole monitor to it, which is frustrating. speaking from my own experience with discord so far, every time I want to load it the app crashes for me 2 or 3 times(I don't leave my rig running 24/7 so this becomes an issue). It takes ages to work out how to do simple action as they are awkward to do, take more steps then necessary and are none intuitive, as they seem to be using 2-3 different UI guidelines at the same time. The audio quality is sub part compared with other voip programs I've used in the past (vent, TS, cursed, steam voip, PSN, XBL, skype, oovvoo, etc), sounding muffled and tinny. In addition to this the only feed back you can really find is from "partners" which means its paid for advertising. With the only real benefit I can see for losing features of other clients (security of your account, more channel options like in vent, ts and mumble, screen real estate, memory usage, etc) being group chat, which we already have a forum/group chat for anyway. I don't really care which voip client we use and will use what every everyone else is, but in summery at the moment this one seems like a step backwards for very little gain and flashy looks.
I'm curious about your audio quality issue. It sounds exactly like Mumble to me, which is light-years ahead of Vent and TS which sound terrible in comparison. I'm pretty sure that will be echoed by a few others, as it was one of the first things a lot of us discussed when trying it out together - it sounded great. Just curious if it's possibly a setup issue on your end?

I, too, have had a couple crashes. They seem to be java related, and I haven't really done any research to look into it, so I can't comment on it besides it's happened a couple times to me. Not 2-3 times every time I load it up, though... that seems mighty testy on your system. Maybe it's conflicting with something?

Regarding the size of the window: have you tried shrinking it at all? Because "taking up a whole monitor" is just blatantly false. Adjusting the size doesn't change the size of the font. Here's an example of a very usable size that I normally keep on my second monitor along with a browser, music program, and steam chats all at the same time (moved to my main monitor to show size compared to this window):

[Image: kaINcvW.png]

And, if that's still too much because you'd rather not have it up at all using an overlay, etc... then there's always the mobile app. You could very easily have the chat up on a tablet in front of you, taking up zero monitor space, if you wished! As far as the chat goes, I absolutely love that it has embedded images and videos, and the mobile app is awesome. You can also directly call out to people or designated groups (like admins) using @, which is handy for sure.

As far as "what do we gain from it?" I'd say that's pretty simple: accessibility. We have a much easier way to invite and grow our community to instantly engage with us. I've had friends one-click join and chat away that have never wanted to bother with downloading and setting up Mumble. The "big three" of TS, Vent, and Mumble have a lot of loyalty split among them, but this is something new that people don't seem to mind hopping into because the ease-of-access is brilliant. That's really the main reason I want to give it a big shot, because isn't growing our community one of our biggest goals right now?

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