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Horror Films
I love horror films do you guys have any favorites?

Always looking for more!
"If It Ain't Broke, Fix It Anyway!"
John Carpenter's The Thing is my favorite, but you've probably seen that one.

It was more of a horror comedy but Tucker & Dale vs. Evil is pretty good. It's a satire on evil hillbilly style horror films.
Sticking with the satirical horror theme, I'm a really big fan of Cabin in the Woods. It's a great movie that makes sure to hit/mock all of the traditional tropes associated with horror films.
I would recommend the classic Japanese movie "Silk" (link-
It has a poor score on IMDB but don't let that stop you, its a phenomenal movie!
HUGE fan of horror. Mostly stuff from the 80's like Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Child's Play, Ghoulies, Troll, many more, but I will never forget classics such as Dracula and Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.
New Zealand zombie comedy "Undead" is the finest film I've ever watched.
Anything's a double entendre if you push hard enough. So I gave it to her.
Don't Forget "John Carpenters Vampires"... pretty much anything with "John Carpenter's" in it is a decent flick. It all depends on what you are looking for. Suspense? Gorn? Jump scares? or just "oh my god I can't believe this is happening?"

Remember, the First "Alien" movie is a Horror Sci-Fi. I'd also suggest the original "Omen" trilogy, Rosemarys Baby, or Dagon
If there really is a Star Trek horror movie starring a lizard man, I'd like to see that.
I see what you did there Melty Smile

I meant the portmanteau or "gore" and "porn" known as "Gorn"

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