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Well, I'm here
I saw a request to Host Switch, so I showed up.

So when do we do the whole Real Life Picture Thread, as per the customary forum dwelling rules in Statue R34-B?
Anything's a double entendre if you push hard enough. So I gave it to her.
Hey hey!

I agree, we'll have to get that thread started shortly. I'm going to work on some stuff admin-side to get things hidden from non-members.
Double-post... ew!

I've set the entire forum to member-only for posts. People can see that we have a forum, but not see the content inside until they register. This will help keep our personal stuff private, such as with the Real Life Picture Thread (not everyone is a streamer who lives loud and proud on the internet, after all!)

With that said... Switch, feel free to start that thread at any time now. Or I can... whatever. Big Grin

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