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Treadmill Gaming
I'm posting this in the Console section because that's what most people have hooked up to their TVs, but it naturally applies to things like Steam Link and SHIELD gamers as well. Anything that applies to the living room or the like where gaming and exercising can go hand-in-hand. Heck, it could include portables like the Vita, tablets, or even our phones.

MamaRose and I have a treadmill in our living room, which means when we use it we have access to the TV and the consoles that we hook up to it (currently a PS3 that's more of a media hub than a gaming device). This got me thinking - are there certain games that lend themselves better to being played while working out on a treadmill/bike/whatever? Typically, when we review a game we go for the mainstream checkboxes: Graphics, Sound, Performance.... but what about simplifying it down to things that are beneficial to someone that's walking while playing? Things like a simple HUD, easily legible text, and the ability to save and quit quickly? It certainly would force us to reevaluate some things!

So, what do you think, fxyz? Do you have a favorite game to play while working out? What works, what doesn't work? I'll start testing a few games out while motivating myself to work out while gaming instead of sitting on my rump... maybe you can too! I'm *particularly* interested in anyone who might have a Steam Controller while attempting this. Can you make standard KB/M games work while walking? That would be sweet!
I wish i had the room for a Treadmill!

I think I'm going to try playing Ingress while out on my bike though!

Been meaning to get into that game for ages!
"If It Ain't Broke, Fix It Anyway!"

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