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Community Growth and YOU!
To start things off, I want to give a great big 
to everyone, along with a
 the best damned community in the world!

Most of you know how this community works: we game together, chat in mumble and hangouts, make play dates, and stream. Why do we do these things? To make new friends, enjoy the company of the friends we've made, and to let all of the stress go when we STFUAJPG (Shut the Fuck Up and Just Play Games!)

A few of us have been down this road before with Gaming Invaded (RIP!), but I think the excitement and the desire to grow the community is palpable this time. We've got the drive, we've got the right people, and we've got the means to get this community out there and recruiting. The more this group grows, the better it'll get - who doesn't want more friends, more gaming opportunities, and expanded content via streaming/VOD/giveaways. It's why we're here!

So, what can you do to help out? A few really simple things that, if we all participate, can give us great exposure with hardly any work!
  • Add the [fxyz] tag in front of your name on Steam. Since Steam is the primary gaming platform for most of us, this will get the community exposure with every game that we play. Most people will probably just assume it's a clan and think nothing of it, but if even one person decides to dig deeper, then this zero-effort change will grow the community. No work, a slight name change, and you're helping us grow - what could be simpler?! Note: the tag is in lower-case, because it looks a little better that way, and it matches the current design of the header.
  • Join the Steam Community Group. As we get rolling we will start doing more community events, all of which will be posted and announced via the Steam group. Signing up is as simple as pressing a button, and it will give you a direct link to announcements, as well as an easy platform for inviting others to join! Combined with the [fxyz] tag in front of your name, you may be recruiting without even knowing it if someone checks out your steam profile and finds a group that matches the tag!
  • Participate in community streams. Whether you stream yourself, or simply encourage the chat to carry on a discussion, participation with the streamers will help bring in new members! Plus, think about any of the streams you've ever been a part of - they're way more fun when there's chatting/interacting going on!
  • Keep an eye on the forums. The forums are the main page of the website now and it'll be a constant source of communication for all fxyz members. As an international community we have members in different time zones all around the work, so having a place to host discussions regardless of matching schedules is key! We've already had great success with community polls, giveaways, and discussions... let's keep it up!
That's it, those four simple things can make a HUGE impact on the way our community functions and expands. It's up to you, gamers, to get out there and spread the good word while doing what you do best - GAMING! This post has gone on for a bit, so for the sake of our time-crunched members I'll go ahead and throw down a CliffNotes version:

tl;dr - Put a [fxyz] prefix on your steam name, join the steam group, hang out in chat/stream, and use the forums! WOO!

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