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Let's Create 101 Memorable NPCs
Okay, fxyz, I have a challenge for us all! Let's get the creative juices flowing and put on our writing caps to create 101 Memorable NPCs/Villains/Support Characters for use in RPGs and the like! Make them for whatever setting you'd like, and we can all get creative to adapt them for our own needs. I'll kick things off, feel free to add as many to the list as you can come up with!

Tor Kalath [Star Wars] 
"Kal" is an honest sector ranger, and a good one at that - he can't be bought, bribed, or manipulated by greed. He began his career as a patrolman straight out of the academy. While some of the Imperial officers he's served under disliked his honesty and strict adherence to the laws, enough were impressed by his record that he eventually was given an independent assignment tracking down smugglers, ne'er-do-wells, and criminals in his sector. Most corrupt Imperials know to steer well clear of his sector, as they aren't immune to his investigations. However, he isn't without compassion, and he has a special hatred in his heart for slavers and pirates - persecuting them to the fullest extent of the law. Kal is a great antagonist as he's obviously dedicated, intelligent and honest, doing what he can to make the sector safe for civilians. PCs may need to be cautious, as it's quite easy to end up on the receiving end of his inquisitive eye. Should they be caught under the microscope, will they attempt to assassinate him? Or, perhaps, will they just try and evade him? If having troubles with corrupt official, it's possible that he may even be a great asset to the crew... at least until the investigation turns on them!

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