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Building Stream
Team ~

Although I'm not formally a streamer (yet) I would like to extend an invitation to the community I've come to love.

Please, swing by sometime. Follow me, spread the word? For now I'll be streaming on Twitch only as user Synner777. I've rebranded away from GothiqVanity (as some of you remember me) and moving toward a new, fresh image.

So please, swing by and give me a follow if you're so inclined. No schedule as of yet. PS4 streams of Fall Out 4 and the upcoming rerelease of Skyrim will be happening until I'm done slowly building my new rig.

Yes, I'm sad that Sony won't be allowing Skyrim mods. Sad

Happy streaming everybody and it'll be nice to have you swing by some time.

Game on!
Follow and looking forward to catching a stream =)
"If It Ain't Broke, Fix It Anyway!"
Watching you stream Fallout right now! Woot! Welcome to the streaming club!

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