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How-To: IRC on
I've been using IRC via HexChat (free) to connect to

The reason I've been doing this is so that I can use my laptop to chat while watching a Twitch channel on my Roku-driven television. It frees up my mobile device and likewise, keeps the battery on those devices at a level I need them for when I require use of my phone, tablet, et al. Plus while streaming, it might be easier to handle or read chat, too!

So, here's a text file I've written that I thought I'd share here!

This guide was compiled and shortened/abridged from the documentation found at:

OLD (don't use):
NEW (use):

Put to use your username in ALL LOWERCASE LETTERS for every username box, even secondaries. will not recognize usernames input with capital letters.

This must be an oAuth key, which can be generated from something like:
Using your normal login password WILL NOT WORK -- it must be an integrated oAuth token.

On Connect Auto-Commands:
This command must be ran immediately after connecting:        raw CAP REQ

The only thing I'd like to find or learn how to make is an auto-suggest/auto-complete option for @-mentions. Within's chat via their website, any @-mention will begin suggesting chat mates. Keep typing that @-mention and it'll widdle down the choices. Ex: Typing @j will give users Jaarka, Justin, etc but continue typing like @Ja, it'll shorten the list to simply @Jaarka, allowing you to hit Enter to select that suggestion and make that user "pop" to be seen easier.

IRC doesn't offer this out-of-the-box, but many IRC clients allow for scripts to be added to help with things like this topic. Any suggestions for something like that idea?

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