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Mech Warrior Online
If you were ever a fan of giant robots (Transformers, Gundam, Macross, Front Mission, Armored Core, Battletech, etc.) this game could be for you. Don't worry, there is a tutorial to give you a basic idea on how a mech functions and they provide trial mechs for you to use until you have the C-bills to buy your own.

There are four types of mechs that you can pilot: Light, Medium, Heavy and Assault.

Lights are your mostly scout/harasser ranging from 20 to 35 tons. These are also the most newbie friendly. With their high speed you can usually escape hairy situations with minimal damage.

Mediums are your flanker/skirmisher ranging from 40 to 55 tons. These can also be favorable for new players. While not as agile as a light it can carry more armaments and armor still allowing for survivability.

Heavies are your damage dealers ranging from 60 - 75 tons. Depending on the model they can be useful to a new player, but mostly ill advised. Usually much slower than their light and medium counterparts they can carry large load of weapons and armor.

Assaults are your tanks (But not in the sense of an atypical RPG.) ranging from 80 to 100 tons. These are likely the least favorable for new players, mostly due to the need of situational awareness and knowledge of the maps in positioning to maximize your survivability. But they boast the most armor and weapons.

There are two "sub-classes" of mechs, Inner Sphere(IS) and Clans. For a better understanding of each of these require some lore to explain it.

There are four types of play in Quick Play matches Assault, Conquest, Domination and Skirmish. (12 vs 12)

Assault's main goal is to capture the opposing sides base, but they mostly end in one team getting wiped out.

Conquest's primary goal to capture from five different resources to gain 750 before the other team, your team can get wiped out and still manage to win if you have enough captured points for resources.

Domination gives you a central location to "stand in" counting down a timer, you side gets the timer to zero you win.

Skirmish is what it says, which ever side kills the other side first wins.

I won't be going into the Community/Faction Warfare until later, though you can participate in it with trial mechs.
Sounds like I'll be using a light then! Started downloading the game last night, hoping to play some this weekend!

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