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The Change Thread
I thought I'd put this thread up as a catch-all thread for when things change and people might notice.

I am a high school teacher as many of you know and I'm currently in my last week of freedom. Planning starts next week and school starts on the 22nd of August.

As such, there is going to be a significant and obvious decline in my streaming and playtimes. So I figured maybe we should use a "I'm not gone but things are gonna change" thread for people to post into, only when needed, to explain it.

So, British friends, based on my changes in scheduling coming up I may only be playing after 7pm EST on many days (So after midnight for most Europeans) and streaming will almost definitely be once a week on the weekends as time permits.

I will try to be as active as possible on the forums to make up for it Smile
Anything's a double entendre if you push hard enough. So I gave it to her.
Sad to know you won't be around as much but that's life huh.

Personally I'll just make sure I check out VoDs and try to be around more with you guys on a weekend to play =)
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