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Event Xiangshou Panlong - the Argonian Assassin
Xiangshou Panlong is Chinese for "murderer/killer coiling dragon".

Considering I've never gotten close to finishing the game and have only progressed as far as Solitude when you go to the party and get someone to cause a scene. Not entirely sure how difficult this will be, likely depends on the level of difficulty setting. Playing legendary maybe to hard for me at the moment, but we'll see. I need to find one of my days to be dedicated to the progress of this particular run through, even though it's not going to be crazy like Rotor and Jaarka.

I'm not against some suggestions before I officially start. I'm at the vanilla beginning where you choose between Imperial and Stormcloak, looks like Imperial for the fact of lots of stuff I can get from the blacksmith. Either way it should be interesting, because I know death will happen one way or the other.
Playing Legendary and you've already made it through most of the vanilla start? Well done! Legendary is NO JOKE, and will make you die A LOT. Save often! Hope you enjoy the ride!

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