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[Release] PhantomComic - Joshe343 - 07-12-2016


PhantomComic is the product of a completely rewritten, rebranded GogoComic Ripper. This tool is easy-to-use and very effective with minimal issues. Download your favorite comic series for free with just a few keystrokes and the push of a button. Using this application is a great and easy way to get into reading the comics of today as well as a few of the oldies.

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Source Code:

Version (February 15, 2016)
- Save comic bugfix

Version (February 8, 2016)
- Moved from IE based browser controls to raw HTML parsing using HTMLAgilityPack for faster and more reliable netcode
- If a comic fails to download you'll now be given a specific reason why
- Offline creditroll bugfix
- Code cleanup

Version (February 5, 2016)
- More reliable download method added
- Bulk download progress bar added
- Description fetcher bugfix

Version (January 31, 2016)
- When fullscreen you can now keep track of what chapter and page you're on
- Comic descriptions will now be stored locally
- Auto-formatting process will begin on launch to make sure comics stay compatible with Plex plugin
- Plex plugin released to allow comic streaming from your computer
- Obfuscation removed because this is now open-source :o

Version (December 31, 2016)
- Download controller added
- Single chapter downloader bugfix
- Fullscreen now allows chapter flipping (use arrow keys)

Version (December 6, 2016)
- Download queue added
- Multi-chapter downloader added
- Page compression (lossless) toggle added
- More reliable page finder added
- Fullscreen now allows page flipping (use arrow keys)

PhantomComic for Plex now available!

RE: [Release] PhantomComic - Joshe343 - 09-02-2017

Tons of work has been done on the project since this thread was made (see thread for details). I'll make an updated showcase video soon.

RE: [Release] PhantomComic - HidYn - 09-02-2017

Great work Joshe343 the Plex addon is a bonus too!

RE: [Release] PhantomComic - Joshe343 - 10-02-2017

(09-02-2017, 18:47)HidYn Wrote: Great work Joshe343 the Plex addon is a bonus too!

Thanks! It was my first time messing around in Python for a project of my own and I thought it turned out well. If you have any issues with it or need help setting it up, hit me up on the Discord.

RE: [Release] PhantomComic - Joshe343 - 15-02-2017

Version released, see changelog in thread for more details.